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Advantages & Disadvantages of MDF Board

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Advantages of MDF Board :

  • Very flexible
  • Easy to machine & shape
  • Resistant to splitting
  • Lucrative
  • Cheaper
  • Ideal for all types of furniture making
  • Excellent eye-catching finishing
  • Does not puff or crack because humidity and moisture
  • Very sturdy
Mdf Wave board 3D Wave Board Wave Board In India

Disadvantages of MDF Board :

  • Denser than ply wood or particle board
  • Poor quality board Tends to puff & crack when subjected to water
  • Deforms and swells when sealing is not appropriately done
  • The chemicals employed in its production is
  • The chemicals used in the making of this board are toxic and harmful for the furniture makers
  • Cutting this material may cause faster blunting of blades as compared to wood
  • low-humidity may harm it by causing it to puff


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MDF Grill Board In India

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