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Laxmi Panels is one of the Eminent Manufacturers of MDF board in India.


What is MDF Board ?

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It is the most contemporary material of the wooden panel industry. MDF Board is nothing but Medium density fiberboard. This type of Board is manufactured by employing wood fibers. The wood fibers are bind by using either binding wax or resin and then they are made to undergo high temperature and pressure. Thus its density increases and it becomes stronger than other types of wooden board material such as particle board. It also becomes very homogeneous, more flexible, knot-free, resistant to splitting as well as easy to machine & shape and thus a huge variety of designs can be made out of it.

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They are highly preferred in the market due to their advantageous features such as high robustness, fine finishing, high resistance to changing weather conditions as well as resistance to swelling caused by moisture. They also have a good life span. They are cheaper than other types of wood panel.

We are the leading manufacturers of MDF Wave Board and MDF Grill Board in India. Our products are chosen over other brands due to the excellent quality, reliability as well as affordability of our products.



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